Parenthetical thoughts

Hello, I'm Alexis.
I like cartoons, horror, movies, art and many other things of a similar nature. I'm trying to start writing and drawing more frequently.


What is a “Distance Model”?

When a character is seen in the distance, too much line complexity will create an over-complicated image. We drop detail to simulate the effect of seeing a character far away. If you’ve managed to notice this already, you’re not just seeing things- it’s quite intentional.

Because the show is animated by hand, we prefer not to scale down a complicated drawing- it becomes unclear and messy. Instead we use a distance model, which is a simplified version of that character.

Also they’re really cute.

Lead Character Designer: Danny Hynes

Character Designer: Colin Howard

Color: Tiffany Ford

Color Assist: Jasmin Lai

Distance Guide: Ian Jones-Quartey

For my dad’s birthday this year I decided to get a little pocket sketchbook and fill it up with doodles of monsters and mutants. Figured it’d be a pretty okay gift for the man who raised me on horror and science fiction flicks. Also, it was fun, and it helped me work myself out of a bad art funk this summer. My sister and I both make appearances here with extra sets of eyes.

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